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Monday, April 21, 2008

Why Is This Sundae Monday Different From All Other Nights?

If you know me, then you know I never hide my religion. Jews have a certain knack for humor, but if you had a Jewish mother, you would laugh too. Passover is the time of year that makes me happy to be a Jew, in no small part because the food and family provide great comfort. You can keep your Christmas. I'll just have some matzah ball soup. And so it is that I yet again revel in the wonders of Jewish humor.

A basic primer for all the Goyim out there:

This is just plain funny:


Everyone who celebrates Passover ends up with more matzah than they can stomach (there's only so much matzah pizza a man can eat). Here are some suggestions for what to do with your leftovers:

On a completely separate note, I will not be posting for at least another two weeks. Having six exams and a paper will do that to you. I look forward to seeing you again if I survive.

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