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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Feel the Paine

There's nothing quite as enjoyable as being forced to watch a good movie for a class. Even while focusing on the cinematography in The Third Man this evening, I couldn't help but truly discover Bernard Lee. You may know him as Sergeant Paine, or perhaps as M in the James Bond films. Watching him this time around was a revelation. Major Calloway (Trevor Howard) doesn't have the one-liners he almost certainly would if the film were more modern. Instead, that job goes to Lee. He is so casual delivering lines like "sounds anti-British" that you don't even get the joke for a minute. His presence also serves the film's greater themes, as he is the only character to be genuinely amusing. His death is the saddest moment in the film. Lee would have been 100 in January, so consider this a late tribute. I was unable to find any scenes online that highlighted Lee, so below you will find The Third Man in its entirety. Amazing thing that internet.

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Blogger The Creator said...

Where did you find this?

I don't suppose The Fallen Idol is available, too?

10:51 AM

Blogger Dan E. said...

It was just on Google Video. I can't seem to find any results for The Fallen Idol more than 10 minutes long, but it's always worth a look for older films to be available there or on YouTube. Hell, that's how I first saw Nosferatu.

11:48 AM


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