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Monday, March 24, 2008

Sundae Monday's Press Announcement

If you didn't know, R.E.M. has a new album coming out. Said album is supposed to be their best in over a decade, and that news has me very excited. In fact, you can listen to it RIGHT NOW!!! Just click this link and enjoy. I haven't had a chance to listen to it enough to turn in an opinion, but that's not why you come here. This post is about R.E.M.'s single "Supernatural Superserious" and a hilarious press announcement. Let's start with that:

Next is the video for "Supernatural Superserious." If you don't like it, you can make your own by clicking here. You can take the original video footage and edit your own version. This is a wonderful idea, both in getting the audience to interact with what they are consuming and revealing the process behind the creation of a music video like this one. One of the things I noticed about it was how the editing was deliberately not synced to the rhythm of the song. It has become commonplace to use this sort of editing, and it's nice to see a break from the tradition. Enjoy, for tomorrow you shall get new Raconteurs (that they announced last week!?! Jack White, you are one crazy SOB):

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