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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sick of the Oscars

Yeah, I said it. I'm not sick of the Oscars, merely the buzz that has consumed online media. I was going to post my predictions (the only really original idea I have is Elizabeth: The Golden Age for Best Costumes the same way Marie Antoinette won last year), but I simply got overwhelmed by this post at The House Next Door. So much to parse, so little new to be said. This past week has been nothing but build-up. With primary season hinging on March 4 and Oscar season ending tonight, nothing significant has happened recently (scratch that. Nader's in to screw over the Democrats once again!); speculation reigns with an iron fist. Of course I'll be watching the Oscars tonight (I don't live blog. There are enough of those already), but if you need me, you can find my attentions shifted to The Testament of Dr. Mabuse or Jia Zhang-Ke.



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