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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sundae Monday Liked the Golden Globes

Maybe it was exhaustion from watching not one but two major upsets on Sunday. Maybe it was an extended hangover from the thrill of staying up til 4:30 in the morning to watch my beloved Pats make the Jacksonville Jaguars (the one team nobody wanted to play in the playoffs) look like any other team. Maybe it was because I stayed up til 2 in the morning to watch the damn Globes, but I liked them. It gave me the information I wanted without needing to wait 3 hours to get it. The banter wasn't exactly the greatest, but this was a rush job. Would you honestly rather have had 3 hours of random celebrities making jokes even worse than Billy Bush did? Don't answer that. And honestly, I'm much more excited about the TV winners than the film winners. (Go Mad Men! Go 30 Rock! Go Billy Bush for telling people they should watch 30 Rock!) The only downside to the Globes this year is the possibility that the Oscars may follow the same path. I need my random Errol Morris short films about movies!

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