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Monday, February 04, 2008

Butterknife Monday: Sicilian Style

This week's episode of Butterknife, "Sicilian Style" is a great improvement over last week's "Plastic Hassle". The episode begins with Ronald getting someone's address, and his cleverness proves a nice counterbalance to the inanity of last week's set-up. I can only hope that as the series progresses, an overarching plot can develop. Though the time we spend with Ronald and Mary is certainly captivating, it would be nice to tie Ronald's professional life with a purpose. It's interesting to see how Joe Swanberg and company show the minutiae of his job without any real purpose, but it feels aimless at this point. If we maybe saw someone who hires Ronald or if we get a real sense that his job has a point, then the series would become must see material. As it is, the show's improving, but it still has some way to go.

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