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Monday, February 25, 2008

Sundae Monday Laughed So Hard It Cried

I did. Jon Stewart's opening monologue made me laugh so hard I cried. And hey. I was right about Elizabeth. The Lesson? If a movie exists solely as a fashion show, and it gets nominated for Best Costume Design, it will win.

Atonement: the movie that showed off the raw sensuality of Yom Kippur (I'm still chuckling)...



Blogger pacheco said...

A lot of times the thing I find funniest about videos like these is that someone actually took the time to sit down, attempt to sing on key, and put it all together.

But hey, it made me laugh!

7:47 AM

Blogger Dan E. said...

With things like this, I often just chalk it up to being a Jew. After feeling the same way on so many Yom Kippurs, I couldn't help but laugh. T'shuvah!

4:16 PM


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