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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sundae Monday's Summer Just Got a Whole Lot Better

With the summer upon us, I have a lot of time on my hands. Fortunately, to fill a tiny part of that time, David Lynch has returned to us. Though he is not the actual director of this series (those would be David's son Austin Lynch and the mysterious Jason S.), Lynch's name and fingerprints are all over INTERVIEW PROJECT. Every three days for the next year, there will be a new video available at the above website. Each video will feature three or four minutes of an interview with a random person that was made on a cross country journey. Having only seen the video below, I think it falls perfectly in line with The Straight Story, Twin Peaks, and Wild at Heart in presenting Lynch's fascination with America with a capital-A. He has been focusing more on Hollywood lately, but he always seems to return to the world outside of his Inland Empire to examine where our country is. Where the project goes from here, and what sort of message, if any, we can take away from this, I can't begin to guess. Though the website has the higher quality video, it will also be available on YouTube. This is Episode 1: Jess

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