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Monday, July 28, 2008

Gary Busey Attacks Sundae Monday

Gary Busey is insane.

Gary Busey is brilliant.

Gary Busey has made insanity a good marketing tool.

Gary Busey can play guitar.

Gary Busey makes absolutely no sense.

Gary Busey is the man.

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Blogger Richard said...

Gary Busey is fast becoming one of my favorite people in the world. My only wish is I could set him up with my Aunt. My Aunt loves him and I am starting to see why. She has his voice on her GPS that she got from, she owns the series of “I’m with Gary Busey” and often looks for him on youtube. She did show me a funny one the other day. When on youtube put in “A day in the life of Gary Busey”, funny stuff.
Anyway, what I’m saying is, thanks for putting the clips up and I’m a fan!

4:00 PM

Blogger smith said...

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10:53 AM

Blogger Chus said...

More information!: "I'm Gary Busey and I've been clean for 13 years"

7:59 AM


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