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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Stuff that Films Are Made Of

This is definitely not an entry into the Bizarro Blog-A-Thon over at Energetic Eye Theatre. You should not go there, and you would be a fool to read any of the horrible entries by other people. I hope you hate this post.

Hicks. Spaceships! ZOMBIES!! Could anyone ask for more from filmed entertainment? It's a simple collection of scenes that are helpfully explained to us by a narrator. The special effects are lovingly analog, and any inconsistencies in lighting are hardly noticeable next to the overwhelmingly strong acting, particularly by Martin Landau as the old man. The set design is evocative and contributes significantly to the overall mood of absolute terror. I don't know how else to properly analyze this scene. It's an example of just what the movies are capable of accomplishing compared to that, this

is embarrassing. Reading? That's why they made books. Zombies are why they made movies.

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