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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dan Eisenberg, Published Author

I disappeared. I kinda had to. Things have been rough lately, and very very busy, leaving no time. But I'm back, at least for now. The special occasion is my first published review of a film. My take on Synecdoche, New York can be found here. Apparently the editor really liked it. Meanwhile, I'm scoping out actuarial positions. Those two don't quite mesh, do they. Oh well, contradictions abound. As a little welcome back, I present my current thoughts on the extended holiday season.

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Blogger Babeco said...

Sorry, I know that is not the right place but I can´t find a mail contact.

Hello my name is Francisco Calvelo and I directed the short film "Vampire Prison" (Santiago de sangre) produced by Perro Verde Films (Zombie Western, Going Nuts, the Missing Lynx) and starring Eloy Azorín (All about my mother). I would like to invite you to see it.


10:36 AM


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