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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sundae Sunday - Simpsons Edition

This week, Esoteric Rabbit is hosting a Simpsons Blog-A-Thon. For the first of my contributions, I present a few favorite moments from the show.

WARNING!!!! If you have not seen Planet of the Apes, do not watch the first video.

Somehow, this video became exponentially funnier after being forced to listen to the soundtrack to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It always seemed odd to me that a major musical would use music like Falco's "Amadeus," but the common use of modern music styles, taken to its logical end, results in a hilarious musical centerpiece.

Next, I wish to present a comparison. Both of the following clips make use of a left-field 19th century musical reference. Watch how The Simpsons finds a way to embed the reference within the plot developments. The development is not naturally humorous, but the use of props, and the inherent danger in the situation elevate the scene. And once Bart starts singing, you know you've hit comic gold.

Family Guy does not even try to make sense of its reference. As with most of its humor, the laughs come less from the hilarity of the situation than from surprise at the obscurity of a reference or the bawdiness of the joke. This sort of humor, while a welcome break at times, lacks the true depth of humor that The Simpsons can have.

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Blogger barry said...

eh. i think the family guy one is funnier. the simpsons' reference just feels contrived.

3:54 AM


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