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Monday, September 24, 2007

Peter Bart Hates Sundae Monday

It seems Peter Bart hates you for contributing to the astonishing anomaly of blogging. With his newest blanket attack on all things that feature the word "blog", he ponders bloggers' obsession with the traffic that visits their sites. Consider me Exhibit A for the defense. I don't care about traffic so much as comments. I believe that the invention of blogging has created the ability for discussion that was sorely lacking from film criticism, and I would only be happier with my blog if it got more comments. But Bart only seems to be interested in Perez Hilton as the archetype for bloggers everywhere, so I decided to dedicate this Sundae Monday to someone who couldn't be bothered to even look for this blog.

This week's clip provides what I assume is both variations on the characters Bart thinks we all are. On one hand is the complete moron, a product of the internet who has no attention span and no intelligence. The other half is the Fanboy, the obsessive statistic counter who prevents Bart from properly spinning the films he wants, so we must all be geeks, of course.

Peter Bart, we are neither of these characters, and I hope someday that you will come to realize that we have brains beyond mere statistics. But until then, just keep thinking what you do. Someday we might fit your exaggerations.

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Blogger Edward Copeland said...

Bart is indicative of most of the old media (from which I hail) who are completely puzzled and threatened by the blogosphere. I can't decide which is funnier: people such as Bart who just lash out at it because they don't understand or those who try to imitate it and fail miserably in their attempts.

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