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Monday, September 03, 2007

Steamboat Sundae Monday

When exploring the depths of YouTube, it's easy to find a few videos that would make a great Sundae Monday, but which never get the chance to be exposed. Various things happen, including movie releases, DVD releases, or something important in my life which inspires a new, very timely, Sundae Monday. This leaves some good videos waiting in a queue which never seems to shorten. This week is one of those weeks when I finally get a chance to show what has always been pushed aside. Despite Labor Day, my job ending, and various other events, I present, for no particular reason, Mickey Mouse in all his glory.

First, Steamboat Willie, the eternal classic that put Mickey on the map.

It's interesting to see what a deplorable character Mickey is in this cartoon, using ducks and goats for his own enjoyment. It also introduces an early rivalry, and can serve for many viewers as an introduction to Black Pete, the cat. Pete is more known now for being a generic villain to Goofy and Donald, but his early bouts with Mickey helped establish him as the Disney villain to go to.

The Gallopin' Gaucho more directly displays Pete's villainous tendencies, and it also helps define Mickey's relationship with Minnie. The next was the first Mickey short I ever saw, and one that helped define my childhood. Notice Pete is back again, this time as a dog catcher.

And finally, I couldn't have Steamboat Willie here without the appropriate counterpart...

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