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Monday, July 09, 2007

Heil Sundae Monday!

After a week compiling and writing defenses for my Top 100, I need a change of pace. I was recently turned on to some funny videos concerning Hitler, so I thought I'd devote a whole Sundae Monday to the man.

First, the real thing, because we should never forget. I am genuinely scared of that voice.

That's more than enough real. I need some parody right now. First up, Chaplin. He could do Hitler better than anyone else.

And of course, the Globe Scene:

Monty Python's take:

Mel Brooks clearly had it in for the man. He was mocking Hitler before it was cool.

Springtime for Hitler (1968):

Hitler on Ice:

Hitler Raps:

Springtime for Hitler (2005):

Mel Brooks isn't the only one to have a Hitler Rap. Check out the Whitest Kids' take:

Next I want to introduce you to Titler. This was submitted to Sundance in 2000 and won an Honorable Mention. Definitely not safe for work, but hilarious.

And Titler Live in Cambridge:

Finally, Hitler gets banned:

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