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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Cinefamily

I'm going to take this opportunity to introduce my two sisters since I will be using them in my discussion of films at some point.

If I'm the Cinemathematician by being a math student, then my two sisters would have to be the Cinelawyer and the Cinebusinesswoman. I get into more movie conversations (read: arguments) with the Cinelawyer. An example of our most tired argument: She loves Crash and I love A History of Violence.

The Cinebusinesswoman doesn't really argue as much. She asks me what I've been watching lately, I ask her if she's ever heard of Inland Empire, and she wonders aloud why she even bothers asking.

But they each do have their own insights, and I hope to bring them in a little, if only through past conversations we've had.


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