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Monday, December 04, 2006

Love the Lynch

I've decided that until I rewatch Inland Empire, I'm going all David Lynch all the time. Later this week, expect some thoughts on The Straight Story, The Elephant Man, Lost Highway, and maybe Twin Peaks. But for now, I'm posting some things about last night, my evening with David Lynch:

-First of all, coffee was on Lynch. And it was good coffee too.

-Before the movie started, he let Kaethe Hostetter improvise on her viola. Strange, yet beautiful in its own way, much like the film to follow.

-I got to ask David Lynch a question! And I wasn't the guy who asked if he would put out the background noise from his films on CD! Very exciting.

-Lynch was surprisingly eloquent overall, given what I was expecting.

-His views on DV versus film fit him absolutely perfectly. He said that DV allows him to explore a take cinematographically without disrupting the performances, since doing the same thing in a different take might have a different result. It opens possibilities for him that weren't previously available.

-When it comes to specific imagery, he never tries to directly copy his previous work, but he won't go out of his way to avoid using, say, a red lampshade.

-He knew that he really had a movie after creating 6 or 7 scenes.

-Just like he believes that DV is the future, he also believes that self-distribution is the future of filmmaking. It gives him the opportunity to meet the theater owners and create more intimate bonds. And he gets to keep more of the money.

-He has no discernible plan for the future, so he's going to go home and wait until an idea comes to him.

Pictures of the event can be found here. Enjoy the Lynch.


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