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Friday, October 20, 2006

Boston Fantastic Film Festival

This past evening marked the beginning of the 4th annualBoston Fantastic Film Festival. I will presonally be reporting on some of the films, namely Tideland and The Host. I'd see more of them, but I'm saving up for 50 Years of Janus Films.

Please note that both of these events are being shown at the Brattle Theater, which needs support. They need to raise over $200,000 by the end of the year. Please donate whatever you can, or just go there a lot. Maybe I'll see you there.

I saw Tideland already. The short review: One of the best of the year so far. I can't really understand how everyone thought it was so bad. Guess I'm here to add a different perspective. There is plenty more to read later, when I pump out a full review.

Also coming up: My review of The Host, as well as my contribution to the Vampire Blog-A-Thon. Either I need to watch a vampire movie fast, or I fall back on Shadow of a Doubt.


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