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Monday, November 05, 2007

Sundae Monday's Got Faith

Of the blog-a-thons coming up, the Film+Faith Blog-a-Thon over at Strange Culture sounds the most exciting, and is the only one I'm sure I'll be participating in. This also serves as a chance to remind all of you that I have my own Blog-a-Thon on December 16, which I have dubbed the It's a Wonderful Blog-A-Thon, because it will be a wonderful blog-a-thon.

This week's video ties into faith, or at least a kind of faith. Consider this an early entry into the Film + Faith Blog-a-Thon. This is an animated short called The Monk and the Fish. Following the trials of a monk as he tries to catch a fish, the film is about the monk's determination, which shows his faith in the ability to catch the fish. His determination is shown throughout the shot, but the part that really stands out is the monk's attempt at spending the whole night awake with candles by his side to catch the fish. Unlike most cartoons, where the fish would jump, causing the splash to douse the candles, the fish here is innocent. The monk's determination isn't forced by a hostile foe, but by his own drive and faith. His faith is only rewarded when he simply stops trying. Only upon admitting absolute failure can he and the fish move on. The monk is rewarded for admitting the limitations of his ability, though his faith goes unshaken.

The short is absolutely beautiful, and I was fortunate enough to catch it on the big screen with its full colors (the best approximation can be found here. The watercolors create an almost magical feeling, which is matched by the lighthearted action and the score. The score may be the best part of the film, as it matches the action beat for beat while still impressing on its own merits. It never grates on the ears and continually finds something new to add. Enjoy.

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